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A groundworker is a construction professional who prepares the ground before, during and after building. Usually the first tradesperson on a construction site, groundworkers set out and prepare the sub-surfaces ready for the structural work to begin, installing drainage systems, concreting, carrying out de-vegetation, interpreting design specifications and more. Groundworkers work throughout a construction project and often carry out the final tasks, such as laying driveways and footpaths.

As a groundworker with McCance Group you will be working as part of a team who carry out the very first, and often last, work on a construction site. A groundworker is responsible for carrying out a wide range of duties, including:

  • Clearing a construction site
  • Digging trenches for foundations
  • Setting up a site, putting up barriers, safety signs, huts, etc.
  • Following all health and safety procedures
  • Providing excavation support to other construction professionals
  • Interpreting the use of drawings and specifications
  • Laying pavements, kerbs and driveways
  • Concreting sites
  • Removing drainage and pipework systems
  • Operating plant machinery, such as excavators and dumper trucks
  • Preparing the ground/foundations to allow construction to begin.
  • Redirecting waterways and connecting pipes with existing pipework.
  • Drainage and sewerage connections

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