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Welcome to McCance, your trusted partner for comprehensive foundation and piling solutions in Kent and beyond. With our extensive expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we offer a wide range of services to meet your construction needs, including bored piling, CFA piling, SFA piling, piled retaining walls, percussive drilling, and dynamic compaction.

1. Bored Piling:

Harness the strength and stability of bored piling with McCance. Our skilled team utilises advanced drilling techniques to create robust foundations for various structures, ensuring long-lasting support for your projects in Kent and beyond.

2. CFA Piling:

Experience the efficiency of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling with McCance. Our tailored solutions are designed to provide seamless and reliable foundation support, delivering exceptional results for residential, commercial, and industrial developments throughout Kent.

3. SFA Piling:

Trust McCance for expertly executed Secant or Contiguous Flight Auger (SFA) piling solutions. With meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, we deliver secure foundations that withstand the test of time, offering peace of mind for your construction projects in Kent.

4. Piled Retaining Walls:

Count on McCance for innovative piled retaining wall solutions. Whether you require earth retention systems for transportation infrastructure, environmental projects, or urban developments in Kent, our expertise ensures the stability and durability of your retaining structures.

5. Percussive Drilling:

Benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of percussive drilling with McCance. Our specialised equipment and skilled operators deliver high-quality foundation installations, supporting a wide range of construction projects across Kent with precision and reliability.

6. Dynamic Compaction:

Ensure the stability of your construction site with dynamic compaction services from McCance. Our proven techniques effectively improve soil density and ground stability, providing a solid foundation for your projects in Kent and enhancing overall construction efficiency.

Choose McCance for all your foundation and piling works in Kent. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how our comprehensive range of services can help you achieve success with confidence and reliability.