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Steel fixers use steel bars and mesh in reinforced concrete to strengthen buildings and other big structures. They work closely with engineering designers, steel erectors and other construction workers on high rise buildings, on a variety of construction sites or on other structures.

As a steel fixer with McCance Group you would be: 

  • Setting out the work area, following engineering plans 
  • Using hand and power tools to cut and bend bars or mesh
  • Tying steel reinforcement bars (rebars) to build cages
  • Fitting spacers and chairs (supports)
  • Using rebar to build special casts to keep setting concrete in place
  • Fixing steel to concrete bases
  • Installing beams and pre-cast slabs.

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A formworker is responsible for installing and repairing temporary frameworks that support the building process during construction. These temporary structures can be made out of various materials but are most commonly either wood or metal and are used to help the moulding of concrete and other materials.

As a formworker with McCance Group, you’ll be responsible for using casts to form concrete slabs, support beams and walls, to support the building process during construction.

The job role of a formworker involves the following duties: 

  • Creating forms for bridges, foundations, beams and staircases
  • Building structures on site using wood or putting together metal frames that have been made elsewhere
  • Dismantling casts without damaging them, so that they can be used again
  • Measuring, cutting and shaping wood or metal 
  • Working closely with your team to pour concrete into moulds
  • Checking work for accuracy
  • Producing concrete blocks of exactly the right shape and size for whatever needs building.

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A groundworker is a construction professional who prepares the ground before, during and after building. Usually the first tradesperson on a construction site, groundworkers set out and prepare the sub-surfaces ready for the structural work to begin, installing drainage systems, concreting, carrying out de-vegetation, interpreting design specifications and more. Groundworkers work throughout a construction project and often carry out the final tasks, such as laying driveways and footpaths.

As a groundworker with McCance Group you will be working as part of a team who carry out the very first, and often last, work on a construction site. A groundworker is responsible for carrying out a wide range of duties, including:

  • Clearing a construction site
  • Digging trenches for foundations
  • Setting up a site, putting up barriers, safety signs, huts, etc.
  • Following all health and safety procedures
  • Providing excavation support to other construction professionals
  • Interpreting the use of drawings and specifications
  • Laying pavements, kerbs and driveways
  • Concreting sites
  • Removing drainage and pipework systems
  • Operating plant machinery, such as excavators and dumper trucks
  • Preparing the ground/foundations to allow construction to begin.
  • Redirecting waterways and connecting pipes with existing pipework.
  • Drainage and sewerage connections

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