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Anchoring progress to new maritime horizons

We work in close collaboration with our contracting clients like maritime authorities, shipping companies, and energy firms. These client-contractor partnerships are honored and essential in navigating the specific challenges of marine environments and sustaining the integrity of both coastal and offshore infrastructure.

At McCance Group, our expertise in the marine sector is pivotal for the development, maintenance, and enhancement of maritime infrastructure, playing an important role in global trade, transportation, and offshore energy production.

Our services span the vast expanse of marine construction and maintenance: 

  • Building state-of-the-art ports, harbors, and shipyards
  • The intricate process of dredging waterways 
  • Installing offshore structures
  • Constructing durable docks, piers, and seawalls
  • Maintaining navigational channels
  • Installing underwater pipelines 

Our projects are as varied as they are complex. We ensure that every maritime facility we touch functions flawlessly. 

Our focus is always on ensuring the utmost safety and functionality of these critical facilities.