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Investing in People

Massive, nationwide projects that involve multiple external teams, hundreds of thousands of pounds, government authorities, adherence to regulations, crucial budgets, and timelines cannot, absolutely not, be done successfully and as consistently as we have done for decades if we did not realize that our people are our biggest assets. McCance Group values its people and invests in them like no other.


Be it building a diverse team that can communicate across cultures and levels, across disciplines and roles, we know it’s because we constantly cultivate a team that is a blend of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. This fuels our innovative spirit and drives us to excel in the ever-evolving world of construction. 


Knowledge ain’t static, especially in the world of construction where every single thing is always evolving. We’re passionate about helping each team member learn and grow with ongoing education and skill development. From technical workshops to leadership growth programs, we’re ensuring our team stays ahead of the curve, equipped with the knowledge and tools to meet tomorrow’s construction challenges head-on.

Good Place to Work

McCance goes the extra mile to ensure our team’s health and happiness are always taken care of because a thriving team means a thriving company. Our health initiatives, safety protocols, and mental health support systems are designed to nurture a work environment where everyone can flourish.

Community Involvement

Our commitment to people extends beyond our office walls and construction sites. We’re actively involved in community projects, understanding that our role in society goes beyond building structures. Through these initiatives, we empower our team to make meaningful contributions, fostering a culture of social responsibility and community connection.

Building an ethical, resilient, well-trained, happy team that cares about our mission is the centerstone of McCance’s success so far and will continue to be so. Our triumphs are deeply rooted in the collective talent and commitment of our team.